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Liaoning sanhe environmental engineering co. LTD


Customer profile:

Liaoning sanhe environmental engineering co., LTD is located in xiuyan environmental protection industrial park, the famous jade town in liaoning province.

Covering a total area of 35,000 square meters, liaoning province is engaged in environmental protection equipment, air conditioning equipment research, design, development, production, sales and installation and debugging as one of the enterprises.

After 10 years of efforts, sanhe people through cooperation with xian university of science and technology institute of environmental engineering, environmental engineering in Europe and America with the world the joint of the company, developed a number of with independent intellectual property rights and reach the contemporary international advanced water treatment equipment, in metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power, papermaking, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, oil field industries widely.

With, made a contribution to the national environmental protection cause.

The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO18000 system certification, so that the company in product design and manufacturing, engineering management, quality control reached a new level

Sanhe company has a full range of categories, all levels of reasonable collocation of the talent team, often with domestic and foreign experts for technical cooperation and technical exchanges, continuous scientific and technological innovation.

In the domestic environmental protection industry has always maintained the advantages of technology, products.

Application requirements:

Liaoning sanhe environmental engineering co., LTD. Is a rich experience of engineering installation company, has been with the domestic large enterprises have long-term relations of cooperation, this time in order to build one of the anshan iron and steel works are in urgent need of a batch of self-cleaning filters, in line with the three and strict quality, more spiritual environment provides a engineering construction in the three and self-cleaning filter DLD clutches - FY series used in the filtration system.

Application features:

Fy-series self-cleaning filter is exquisite in shape, and the inlet and outlet of the filter is in the form of straight through, which is widely used in power plant, sewage treatment plant, metallurgy, steel, agriculture, municipal, air conditioning and other industries

Product features:

1. Save installation space.

2. High filtering accuracy.

3. Anti-qing time is short.

4. Less water for cleaning.

5. Small pressure loss and other advantages.

Application summary:

Duoling although this cooperation with liaoning sanhe environmental engineering co., LTD., but anshan iron and steel is duoling's old customer, because of this, the cooperation reduced a lot of detailed understanding of customer demand time, improve work efficiency, duoling with the understanding of anshan iron and steel demand, quickly determined the technical requirements and arrange production.

Sanhe environmental engineering co., LTD is very satisfied with the cooperation process, especially the quick response of product quality and duoling environmental sales and production department, indicating that it will establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

For duoling, this cooperation not only gains a long-term customer, but also gives duoling the confidence to ensure quality and fast service.

The article label 过滤器 辽宁三和 多灵过滤 自清洗过滤器
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