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Guangxi xinheli metallurgy co. LTD


Customer profile:

Guangxi xinheli metallurgy co., LTD., a metallurgical and mineral enterprise, is jointly funded by yunnan xinheli metallurgy co., LTD. And foshan nanhai yibei trading co., LTD., with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. The company is located in qinzhou, guangxi, China.

The company is mainly engaged in the production and operation of metallurgical products such as blast furnace ferromanganese and nickel-chromite alloys.

Application requirements:

People pay more and more attention to economic development and environmental protection, and chemical industry occupies a large proportion in national economic development.

With the depletion of resources and energy, and the deterioration of the ecological environment, the rational and efficient use of energy and resources, and make them play a great value, is an urgent problem to be solved in the future chemical industry.

As a chemical product-oriented company, guangxi xinheli metallurgy co., LTD., in the market competition to increase the speed of development, optimize the development mode, learn the technical experience of industry benchmark enterprises, but also to cultivate the awareness of environmental protection, understand the chemical industry sustainable development technology field.

Combined with its actual production conditions, environment and environmental protection requirements, guangxi xinheli metallurgy company proposed to achieve a good filtering effect, at the same time energy saving, energy saving, water saving, environmental protection high standards.

Application scheme:

In order to effectively solve the application needs of guangxi xinheli metallurgy co., LTD.

Duiling provides DLD electric brush FL series self-cleaning filters and DLD electric brush FY series self-cleaning filters to solve impurities and suspended solids in the water system, providing the production system with water quality in line with the process requirements, and ensuring the normal operation of the water system.

(1) product features: DLD electric brush FL series self-cleaning filter, DLD electric brush FY series self-cleaning filter can not only actively intercept and filter these impurities, but also according to the control system set the pressure difference and cleaning time to automatically clean the filter, automatic sewage.

Since the customer has a high requirement for the filtration accuracy of raw water (the filtration accuracy is over 100 microns), we set the automatic sewage filter as the pre-filtration device. The automatic sewage filter can also backwash and clean the filter screen without stopping the machine.

This not only protects the filter life of the high-precision self-cleaning filter downstream, but also ensures the precision of the effluent water quality through two-stage filtration.

Application experience:

This scheme has been successfully applied in the customer's water system, which not only meets the customer's needs, guarantees the continuity and stability of the water supply system, improves the automation degree and production efficiency of the system, reduces labor input and production cost of the enterprise, and increases the economic benefit of the enterprise.

Application summary:

As a new force in guangxi metallurgical co., LTD., now more and more enterprises choose to changsha more spirit as their partners, water treatment series of self-cleaning filter new force in guangxi metallurgical co., LTD. The successful application of water treatment proved: represented by self-cleaning filter series of changsha more spirit core technology have completely competitive advantage, increase the competitiveness of the enterprise and promote into effect.

Through the establishment of a good application basis, changsha duoling has become really suitable for the needs of enterprises, cost-effective water treatment products into the catalog.

In the future, changsha duoling society will pay more attention to the application demand of self-cleaning filter, and strive to build a mature domestic water treatment solution system to serve more enterprise users.

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