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Chengbu shenjiangdu hydropower station

Project background:

Shenjiangdu hydropower station is located in dankou town, chengbu county, shaoyang city, hunan province.

This power station produced electricity with one unit in December 1973, and all three units were put into operation in May 1975, and three vertical shaft mixed-flow hydro-turbine generating units with a capacity of 3.2mw were installed.

Project requirements:

The hydro-generator set of this power station is all domestic equipment in the 1970s, and hl240-lj-140 is adopted for the turbine.

Due to the limited production technology and production level at that time, the unit efficiency is low;

At the same time, since the unit equipment has been put into operation, mechanical components are worn and corroded, and the insulation of electrical equipment is aging, resulting in the decline of unit efficiency, operation safety and stability. Therefore, the unit equipment needs to be updated and technical transformation.

According to the transformation plan, the capacity increase and transformation of units 1, 2 and 3 will be completed in 2014.

Application scheme:

The duoling self-cleaning filter is applied to the circulating cooling water system of the unit and plays a vital role in protecting the unit system by filtering the river water and circulating cooling water unit.

Disadvantages of the original filter: the automation program is not high, can not automatically backwash, filter accuracy is too low to affect the filtering effect.

Advantages of CDFS self-cleaning filter: high automatic program, easy to operate, high filtering accuracy, automatic backwashing, good filtering effect.

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