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Jiuquan iron and steel group blast furnace project

Project background:

Jiuquan iron and steel (group) co., LTD is located in jiayuguan city of gansu province in the west end of the Great Wall and the middle part of the ancient silk road.

In 2012, it ranked 128th among China's top 500 enterprises and 54th among China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises.

Project requirements:

The impurities and suspended solids in the circulating water system of boiler need to be treated by self-cleaning filter to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection.

Application scheme:

Jiuquan iron and steel group as a large modern enterprise, the requirements for product quality can be described as excellence.

From the design of the whole system to the detailed configuration of the product, have made detailed requirements.

The application of duoling self-cleaning filter can effectively solve the water filtration problem encountered in the boiler circulating water system, effectively filter and remove impurities in the water, to ensure the safety and reliability of boiler water in the steel works!

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