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Xiangtan iron & steel group

Project background:

Xiangtan iron & steel group co., LTD is located in yuetang district, xiangtan city, hunan province.

Its parent company is xianggang hunan valin iron and steel group, which has a stake in the international steel giant arcelormittal.

In 2008, the steel output reached 6 million tons, the operating revenue reached 36 billion yuan, and the profit and tax realized 3.6 billion yuan.

Project requirements:

The high pressure water phosphorus removal system of the steel plant tie line needs to ensure a certain degree of clean descaling water.

Application scheme:

In order to improve the quality of steel, it is very important to install a set of high pressure water descaling system on the tie line.

In the daily steelmaking process, the dust and microorganism in the air will increase day by day, and the impurity particles produced by steelmaking will greatly affect the water quality of descaling water.

This requires the installation of a filter at the pump inlet to provide a degree of clean descaling water.

Duoling's DMF shallow filtration system and DLD self-cleaning filtration system have played a very good role in reducing turbidity and removing particulate matter impurities in the high-pressure water phosphorus removal system. The equipment has been installed and adjusted to ensure the stability of water use in the system.




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