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Henan loning changshui hydropower station

Project background:

Changshui hydropower station is located in luoning county, luoyang city, henan province.

The power station is a channel-diversion power station with a total length of 2.24km.

The head of the power station diversion canal is about 1km upstream of the xinghua river estuary in changshui town, and the drainage area above the head of the diversion hub canal is 6234km2. The power station is located in houwan village, changshui town.

Project requirements:

It is necessary to remove solid suspended substances and impurities from the water used by power station.

Application scheme:

The application of duoling electric water filter in power station water filtration system has been more and more extensive, compared with the general water filtration system, because of the particularity of water quality in power station, the electric water filter with double filter barrel can better meet the technical requirements of power station water filtration.

The person in charge of this project is also quite rigorous. After the confirmation of technology, drawings and scheme in the early stage, he inspected the production and delivery of equipment in duoling factory.

When I saw the electric water filter produced by duoling, I recognized the product from appearance to details.

Duoling thanks every strict customer friend for the trust and support of our products, at the same time, we also welcome friends to duoling factory for on-site visits and technical exchanges, I believe our cooperation is far more than once!


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