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Material circulating water side filtration system

Project background:

When Material Technology Co., Ltd. Is located in jiangsu haimen in jiangsu river new city, is Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "when science and Technology", stock code: 300073) is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is a large-scale research institutes of scientific research personnel, engaged in new energy materials research and development and production of high-tech enterprises.

Project requirements:

In the circulating water system, the impurities and suspended solids generated in the process of production and development need to be filtered by filters to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the circulating water!

Application scheme:

According to the on-site water quality of the circulating water system of this plant, the shallow medium filter of single tank of duoling is selected to effectively remove impurities and reduce turbidity of the side filtration system.

At the beginning of the equipment entering the factory, due to the other party's line problem, the transformer of the sand filter parts burned out, the company quickly arranged relevant after-sales technical personnel to the site for technical assistance, timely find out the problem and properly solve it.

The other side said, although it is a small problem, really let them feel that the quality, heavy responsibility of the spirit environment is worth their cooperation!

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