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Zhuzhou cemented carbide group co. LTD


Zhuzhou cemented carbide group co., LTD is one of 156 projects constructed during the eleventh five-year plan period.

The main production of metal cutting tools, mining and oil drilling tools, hard materials, tungsten molybdenum products, tantalum niobium products, rare metal powder products and other six series products.

Known as "the tooth of industry", cemented carbide is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, geology, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, electronics, textile and national defense and other fields, is a basic industry, related to the quality and level of national economic development.

At present, the company has 1 product division, 12 production plants, 5 holding subsidiaries and 1 technology center, with a total asset of 3 billion yuan.

Is known to all, air conditioning cooling systems, industrial circulating water system, cooling water system, exchange of hot water or hot water boiler system in normal operation, due to the effect of weather and environment, some sand, dust, impurity and suspended solids will inevitably enter the system, and deposited in the condenser under the condition of high temperature, produce composite scale;

The circulating water system of open mode, the high temperature of cooling water through the cooling tower constantly evaporating into the atmosphere, causes the water enrichment ratio increases, a large amount of precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions, make water and formation of CaCO3 and MgCO3 calcium hardness adhesion on the inner wall of the pipeline, scale will lower the heat transfer efficiency of heat exchange equipment, increase the heat loss, this is because the scale of the differential thermal conductivity.

Seriously hinder the heat transfer, and the formation of corrosion under the scale, resulting in perforation, leakage and other phenomena, seriously affect the normal operation of cooling, boiler equipment.

The water temperature of the cooling and circulating water system is generally between 30℃ and 35℃, which provides a good environment for a large number of bacteria and algae to reproduce. The growth of bacteria and algae will lead to the deterioration of water quality and affect the normal operation of the system.

The water in the cooling and circulating water system is rich in oxygen, and the water contains a large number of impurities and conductive ions.

It will lead to oxygen corrosion, electrochemical corrosion and biological corrosion of the pipe network, aggravating the continuous deterioration of the operating condition of the system.

This time, zhuzun group has purchased duoling's super class magi wang shui processor, which can be widely used in industrial circulating water system, air conditioning cooling system, heat exchange system and hot water boiler system.

As long as the adsorption in the system outside the water pipes, do not affect the operation of the equipment, and do not need to stop, you can easily solve the head pain scale, algae problems.

Plant hard group also bought many spirit DLD clutches self-cleaning filter series, self-cleaning filter is more than the spirit of the main hot selling products, it can realize automatic online cleaning, automatic drainage, and other functions, operating with the differential/time/manual three functions, high filtration precision, the time is short, less clean water, and the advantages of small pressure loss, water system for you to provide stable quality assurance.

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