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Korla city green water pump station

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With the development of economy and the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the environmental requirements of human settlements and economic investment are getting higher and higher. Shaping the characteristics of urban landscape has become an important goal of urban construction and development, and urban greening is an essential content.

In 1997, korla to try hill afforestation 50 mu, to be successful, since 1998, the introduction of afforestation of irrigation water saving technology of 300 mu, the survival rate of more than ninety percent, and seventy-three percent than the traditional flood irrigation water-saving, afforestation of large area to promote water-saving irrigation technology since 1999, has now completed hill afforestation of 40300 mu, the main planting populus euphratica, calligonum mongolicum, taxonomy, acacia, big fruit hippophae rhamnoides, jujube and other shelter forest.

The city has participated in voluntary tree planting more than 900,000 military and civilian personnel, and the average survival rate of trees has reached more than 85 percent.

In order to ensure the green mountain water, in 2002 invested more than 20 million yuan to construct dongshan barren mountain green water supply project, can be 150 thousand acres of barren mountain green water supply.

Application requirements:

Urban public green space, park green space landscape water, lakes and water supply as people material culture living standard rise, people has higher requirement for the landscape environment around, the government department for landscaping is particularly seriously, put forward to increase green space area, change, to create a garden city and ecological city, but the green high water consumption has been a fact of life.

How to meet the increasing demand for green water under the circumstance of shortage of green water should give priority to energy-saving and environmental protection equipment to ensure the reuse of sewage.

Modern irrigation systems also require removal of particulate matter from the water supply.

Agricultural irrigation water contains large amounts of suspended organic matter such as algae, clams, shells, snails, bedbugs, worms, and sand and silt, which, if not filtered and removed, can clog drippers, ejectors, sprayers, solenoid valves, and fertilizer ejectors, resulting in reduced crop yields and brown stains.

If the drip line is cleaned by hand, the process will be quite cumbersome and the effect is limited.

Application scheme:

1. The application of self-cleaning filters will completely change this situation, providing a new and cost-effective way to filter agricultural irrigation water.

It can be set according to the differential pressure or time range within the line automatic filtration, automatic cleaning, automatic sewage.

Series self-cleaning filters filter water from rivers, canals, lakes, ditches, and Wells for use in any irrigation system, including drip systems.

Self-cleaning filters are available in a wide range of sizes, with flow rates ranging from a few tons to several thousand tons per hour. They are made of carbon steel, stainless steel or special materials, which can fully meet the requirements of water system filtration for agricultural irrigation, urban water reuse, parks, golf courses and fountains.


Application summary:

Duoling self-cleaning filter plays an indispensable role in urban green construction.

The successful application of self-cleaning filter in the system not only meets the demand of smooth water supply in the city, but also guarantees the continuity and stability of the whole irrigation system and water supply system.

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