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Hunan swimming and diving center


Hunan swimming and diving is located in changsha sports new city, yuhua district, changsha city. The construction investment is 180 million yuan and the construction area is 23,700 square meters.

There is one international standard swimming pool of 1250 square meters, one international standard diving pool of 625 square meters and one national standard training pool of 275 square meters.

The pavilion has an 800-square-meter pool.

Hunan provincial swimming sports management owns the domestic and Asian advanced venues, once held the fifth city games of the People's Republic of China swimming events.

There are swimming pool, training pool and multi-function press release room, VIP reception room, press room, multi-function meeting room, doping testing room, timing scoring room, electronic display and other supporting facilities.

The swimming and diving buildings are shaped like two wild geese flying, one big and one small.

The graceful curve and upward shape make the whole construction extremely dynamic, combining the dynamic beauty of swimmers with the beauty of architectural structure.

Provincial swimming diving male wild goose flapping wings of the appearance is not only novel and beautiful, but also has the function of energy saving.

Under the huge wild goose wing, is the large area supports the type arc glass curtain wall, causes the whole swimming diving to have the very good natural lighting effect.

Swimming and diving in the province, will also set up the Olympic hunan army qundiao and music fountain.

Swimming diving pool toxin elimination system USES a toxin elimination of ozone treatment system of the international standard, the water treatment system is comparable to the water cube, ensure that the water clean sanitation, save manpower saving save hydrating power saving eighty percent eighty percent ninety percent eighty percent heat energy, the equipment to save energy consumption and running performance, environmental indicators have reached the international level.

The water temperature of the pool is 26℃±1℃.

The international wave system is adopted in the diving pool to reduce the pressure when the athletes touch the water and avoid accidental injuries.

In the bidding of hunan swimming and diving self-cleaning filter and multi-function electronic cleaner project, duoling stood out, will serve the whole venue circulating water system filtration and water treatment task, the company's product quality and brand has been recognized again.

Your recognition is more than clever forward motivation.

Duo ling is willing to share the world's new technological achievements with you.

The article label 过滤器 湖南省游泳跳水馆 多灵过滤 自清洗过滤器
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