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  • Sun Flower

    Sun Flower

    Project background:CDFS filter stack filter is developed for scaling filtration in various circulating water systems.The sunflower pharmaceutical water system need to deal with the big problem, after the two sides communicate technical personnel according to the site situation, confirm the good design drawings and parameters, choose several machines laminated filter and electronic descaling system put into use, achieve scale removal, antiscale, kill bacteria algae removal and the effect of ultrafiltration, for the operation of the water system to provide a stable environment.

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  • Nanhu mingdu square, nanning

    Nanhu mingdu square, nanning

    Project background:According to the situation of water quality on site and the filtration effect needed to achieve, the technical staff of CDFS filter chooses to use multiple duoling self-cleaning filters in parallel, and USES the motor to drive the cleaning brush in the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter to clean the impurities intercepted by the filter screen, and then goes through the principle of discharging the impurities through the sewage valve.

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  • Safe drinking water project of ma shan water plant in neixiang county

    Safe drinking water project of ma shan water plant in neixiang county

    Project background:The person in charge of the company through the introduction of our old customers to understand the duoling filtration, through the investigation of the field water quality, water pressure and other technical parameters to determine the technical communication with my company finally chose the duoling mesh self-cleaning filter.

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  • Kim jong UN hotel

    Kim jong UN hotel

    Project background:The hotel has been running for several years, and the air-conditioning system is in urgent need of renovation and maintenance. Duoling self-cleaning filtration system to remove impurities in the water to ensure the quality of water.

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  • Chengbu shenjiangdu hydropower station

    Chengbu shenjiangdu hydropower station

    Project background:CDFS self-cleaning filter is applied to the circulating cooling water system of the unit and plays a vital role in protecting the unit system by filtering the river water and circulating cooling water unit.

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  • Zhengzhou nissan automobile

    Zhengzhou nissan automobile

    Project background:Zhengzhou nissan is equipped with the self-cleaning filter produced by duoling in the air compressor cooling system after the use of confirmation, the circulating water cooler without scale generation, sludge greatly reduced, and improved the cooling effect of the cooler, reduced the energy consumption and maintenance costs, a good protection of the normal operation of the air compressor.

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  • Mongolia tumultingaobao zinc mine

    Mongolia tumultingaobao zinc mine

    Project background:CDFS electric brush filter won the underground well water filtration project of tumultingaobao zinc mine (a sino-mongolian joint venture) in Mongolia. Duoling products will shoulder the responsibility of filtering out clean water for everyone.

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  • Xinda steel co. LTD

    Xinda steel co. LTD

    Project background:At the end of 2009, xinta steel purchased the self-cleaning filter from CDFS. through a tender for boiler water filtration. Iron ore mining, iron and steel smelting companies, generally complex water quality, water requirements, but according to the actual requirements of the site to produce all kinds of models, precision, diameter of self-cleaning filters.

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