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  • Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Surabaya paper Indonesia

    Project background:Surabaya paper industry in Indonesia learned from domestic well-known foreign trade enterprises that duoling filtration has decades of technology and experience in the white water filtration scheme in the paper industry.After the technical communication between the two parties on the system flow and the field situation of white water quality, several sets of duoling self-cleaning filters were selected to filter the raw water in the papermaking process and produce a certain amount of white water.

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  • Jiangsu zhenjiang wanqingliangtian irrigation project

    Jiangsu zhenjiang wanqingliangtian irrigation project

    Project background:In response to the specific technical requirements of the project, the relevant technicians recommended to the customer a series of DLD self-cleaning filters widely applicable to agricultural irrigation, which provided a new concept of economic and high efficiency for the filtration of agricultural irrigation water.

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  • Qinghai xining water conservancy bureau agricultural irrigation project

    Qinghai xining water conservancy bureau agricultural irrigation project

    Project background:CDFS filtration system includes centrifugal filters, self-cleaning filters, laminated filters and other filtration equipment that can filter water from rivers, canals, lakes, ditches, and Wells for use in any irrigation system, including sprinkler, drip, and micro-irrigation systems.

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  • Shanghai sun island international club co. LTD

    Shanghai sun island international club co. LTD

    Project background:This time, sun island international club co., LTD., for its subsidiary nanjing yuanli real estate co., LTD., purchased duiling DLD electric brush FY series self-cleaning filters to solve the problem of scaling and improving the water circulation system of air conditioning and the growth of fine bacteria.

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  • Korla city green water pump station

    Korla city green water pump station

    Project background:The use of self-cleaning filters will completely change this situation, providing a new and cost-effective way to filter agricultural irrigation water. It can be set according to the differential pressure or time range within the line automatic filtration, automatic cleaning, automatic sewage.

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  • Nanhu mingdu square, nanning

    Nanhu mingdu square, nanning

    Project background:According to the situation of water quality on site and the filtration effect needed to achieve, the technical staff of CDFS filter chooses to use multiple duoling self-cleaning filters in parallel, and USES the motor to drive the cleaning brush in the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter to clean the impurities intercepted by the filter screen, and then goes through the principle of discharging the impurities through the sewage valve.

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  • nsk-bearings


    Project background:In NSK's industrial production, process water filtration requires high filtration precision, which is very important to ensure the normal operation of water system. NSK eventually chose more spirit self-cleaning filters, it can realize automatic online cleaning, automatic drainage, operating with the differential/time/manual three functions, high filtration precision, the time is short, less clean water, and the advantages of small pressure loss, more spirit self-cleaning filter for NSK water system provides a stable water quality guarantee.

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  • Xinda steel co. LTD

    Xinda steel co. LTD

    Project background:At the end of 2009, xinta steel purchased the self-cleaning filter from CDFS. through a tender for boiler water filtration. Iron ore mining, iron and steel smelting companies, generally complex water quality, water requirements, but according to the actual requirements of the site to produce all kinds of models, precision, diameter of self-cleaning filters.

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