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  • Yaobu ancient town project

    Yaobu ancient town project

    Project background:The main function of disc filter system in air conditioning system is to prevent the blockage and pollution of heat exchanger, pipeline, nozzle and product, ensure the efficiency of heat exchange, save water and energy, and improve the concentration ratio of cooling water.

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  • nsk-bearings


    Project background:In NSK's industrial production, process water filtration requires high filtration precision, which is very important to ensure the normal operation of water system. NSK eventually chose more spirit self-cleaning filters, it can realize automatic online cleaning, automatic drainage, operating with the differential/time/manual three functions, high filtration precision, the time is short, less clean water, and the advantages of small pressure loss, more spirit self-cleaning filter for NSK water system provides a stable water quality guarantee.

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  • Xinyu iron & steel co. LTD

    Xinyu iron & steel co. LTD

    Project background:This time, xinyu iron and steel needs to use self-cleaning filter to filter raw water and circulating water in the newly set circulating cooling water system of blast furnace. Due to the large flow rate and high complexity set in the circulating cooling water system of blast furnace.

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