Cooling Water Full Filter and Side Stream Filtration

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 Side Filtration

Side Filtration

Side stream Filtration

The cooling tower and the outside contact will bring some impurities in the water system , Or due to scaling rust to produce solid suspended solids, these impurities and solid suspended solids in the long-term operation in the water system will block the heat exchanger and piping system, thus affecting the heat transfer cooling equipment, heat transfer efficiency, causing increased water , Energy consumption increased many problems.

Circulating water side filtration is to take a part of the circulating water system to filter that could save costs.

Products selecting: 

Full filter DLD, DLX, DLAF Accuracy: 100-500um

 Side filter DMF effluent content ≤ 3mg / l filter height: 450-500 filter speed: 30-35m / h

Process flow: 3-5% of total circulation

Typical applications: air compressors; hydroelectric generators, bearing seals;

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