Cooling Water Protection Filtration(Fire sprinkler)

2019-09-10 admin 18


Steel high pressure descaling system:

water supply-----DMF filter----high pressure piston pump-----nozzle-----steel blank descaling

Application: Full filter DMF, DLD, DLAF Accuracy: 50-120um, flow: 15-200m3/h


Fire sprinkler systemfire pool----filter----spray system

Power plant coal mine dust removal spray system: water supply--filter--nozzle spray---dust reduction

Application: full-filter DLD, DLX, DLAF Accuracy: 50-200um

Cooling water background

Power plants, chemical, metallurgy, steel, food and beverage, paper, medicine, automotive, electronics and other industries, these cooling water system due to prolonged operation, in the run or because the cooling tower and the outside contact will bring some impurities in the water system , Or due to scaling rust to produce solid suspended solids, these impurities and solid suspended solids in the long-term operation in the water system will block the heat exchanger and piping system, thus affecting the heat transfer cooling equipment, heat transfer efficiency, causing increased water , Energy consumption increased many problems.


The filter solution we provide for you will solve this problem completely. As shown in the flowchart above, we have a fully automatic laminating filter between the pump and the heat exchanger to select the appropriate filter and filter accuracy ( 100-500 microns), these will ensure that the water system does not affect the normal operation of the situation, the use of deep self-locking filter, can effectively remove the sticky, rigid, fiber impurities.