UF-RO Membrane System Protection Filtration

2019-09-10 lorance 23


Processing: Raw water--pump---filter---UF (ultrafiltration)--security filter--RO---water storage tank


Application products: full filter DLD, DLX, DLAF accuracy: 100-200um

UF-RO Membrane System Protection Filtration

The large-scale application of membrane desalination technology worldwide is growing at an annual rate of 30%. In applications of power, metallurgy and desalination desalination, open water often encounters serious pollution, such as zooplankton , Algae, marine floats and other particles, if not effectively controlled, will lead to pretreatment process failure.

 In order to reduce the impact of these pollutants in these water, multi-Ling environmental research and development of DLLF automatic laminated filter, completely solve some problems. DLLF automatic laminated filter system, the use of deep self-locking filter, can effectively remove the sticky, rigid, fiber impurities. Self-locking to ensure a stable filtration efficiency, to avoid water quality and pressure fluctuations caused by leakage filter, improve the efficiency of the interdependence of plankton, saving medicine, more environmentally friendly.

 Laminated filter has excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, acid, alkali, salt, solvent, low temperature performance. Backwash strength, backwash effect is good. DLLF automatic laminated filter system configuration Automatic control system, according to the time or pressure to control the backwash / filter, to ensure continuous water, the system pressure is small, full automatic operation.