automatic dosing device

automatic dosing device

The principle

DLJY series is a new concept of chemical water treatment and application, 

and has been widely used in water treatment of electricity, public and municipal services.

 It is the online sensors, intelligent control instrument, precision metering pump, valve parts, pipe, 

specialty chemicals containers and related accessories installed on the same base platform,

 realize the soluble liquid, adding the functional units of the overall portfolio of measurement, 

a compact structure, cover an area of an area small, and easy to transport installation, etc

Product features

1. With system design as the main body, it has overcome the defects in the systematic difference of traditional products with single equipment or components as the design subject;

2. Absorb the domestic and foreign drug technology essence, and make the process more optimized with a new design concept;

3. Modular design of product structure, integrated combination, easy to carry out capability and function expansion;

4. Flexible configuration of the best solution according to different water quality and users' requirements;

5. Many famous brands, different materials and grades of equipment and components at home and abroad can be selected by users.

6. Select manual and automatic control methods to achieve different control requirements.

The product selection

Medium name and chemical properties

Volume of solution box (m3)

Soluble material (stainless steel/carbon steel/PE)

Type of metering pump (mechanical diaphragm/hydraulic diaphragm/plunger pump)

Metering pump flow (L/H)

Metering pump pressure (MPa)

Control mode (manual adjustment/automatic adjustment)

Pipeline material (stainless steel/carbon steel/PE)



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