2/3/4 inch disc filter element/module

Advantage: 1.Intercept on surface, condensation in depth; 2.Continuous operation, supplying water even when filtrating state; 3.Small occupation; 4.Short backwash time; 5. Less water amount for back-washing.

Application of automatic disc filter


Raw water: Surface water,such as river and lake water

Water quality: Tuibidity and high organic content


Filtration precision: 130 micorn

Solution: 3* 1200mm tank sand Filter as primary filtration+5*8 inch disc filter as second filtration

Filtration efficientcy: Suitable for system with low flow rate. 

Purpose: To protect  drip emitter and  effectively fulfill water-saving irrigation

Please tell us the flow rate(m3/h) of your irrigation system and other requirments,

We will select suitable model according to water source and actual situation. 

How to work

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