AQUATECH CHINA, Waiting for you on booth 7.1H8126

2018-11-14 admin 48

The annual Shanghai International Sewage Treatment Exhibition has finally opened under the eyes of the public, from all walks of life around the world gathered together for the case of environmental protection to contribute their own strength.

CDFS as a well-known domestic filter manufacturers, once again involved in this event, with all walks of life to explore the water treatment industry, new developments and new technologies. The participating products are still our old friends: automatic sand filter, hydraulic drive self-cleaning filter and electric sucking self-cleaning filter.


The first day of the exhibition, our handsome Li, beautiful Wan, enthusiastic Wang are introduced our products to visitor around the world!


The next day of the exhibition, the lively atmosphere is still not cool down, there are still many customers come, HC network also take this opportunity to interview our general manager Jiang.


The last day of the exhibition, welcome to visit our booth 7.1H8126!